When I started working on MyTLog.tk, it was a side project to help me keep a better record of my progress with the Toastmasters International education program. After doing research and discovering that there is a need for a modern club management software for Toastmasters clubs, I progressively added club management features.

At this stage, I have not yet started marketing and promoting the product. However, I have found myself spending much more time working on club management features, rather than personal record management features. MyTLog will prove more useful to club as entities than individual members.

old logo
Old Logo
new mytlog.tk logo
New Logo

The individual members will always have their features, which will forever be free.But moving forward, I won’t spend as much time working on individual member records features.

The tagline today changes from: “MyTLog.tk – Personal Log For Serious Toastmasters”
to “MyTLog.tk – Easy Toastmasters Club Management.” The logo has been updated to reflect that as well.

This re-branding will greatly help with organic visibility on major search engines.