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Business Cards as Marketing Tool — January 16, 2015

Business Cards as Marketing Tool

Last week I attended the Founder’s District LACE event. The conference is held twice a year and usually sees attendance of well over 400 Toastmasters. That was a great opportunity to market the app. I took it. I prepared business cards which I placed on the appropriate table at the event.

Since I was a presenter at the event, I also included a reference to in my presentation. I can confidently say that the service was exposed to between 50 and 100 people only on that day. I was expecting about 30 new member registrations from marketing that day, but only about 2 new registrations derived from that. That is less than 10% success rate.

What happened? It is not important what happened. What is important is what I will do different next time. I still have more than 300 business cards with me and I will distribute them differently this time. I will only give them out to people I have had a one-on-one conversation with, or groups I have clearly presented the benefits of the platform to. This will work when I go on the “30 Speeches in 30 Days” tour in March this year (2015). That way, it will increase the likelihood of new signups based on the business cards.

I won’t quickly dismiss business cards as a marketing tool for this service. It could be that the people who took the business card have not yet had time to check the service out and signup, maybe the signup process (requiring an invitation code – which is easy and free to get) discourages some users. I am not very sure on this. Until I have handed out all the business cards and tracked how effective they are, I cannot dismiss this channel. What I can do is start looking for a different tool and experiment with that one in parallel.

Maybe I will go for Facebook  or Google Adwords ads with a $25 budget? I will keep you posted! 😀