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Introducing — December 1, 2016



After about a year of no change or updates to, and based on the interest and good feedback I received when the app was first developed in 2013, I decided to spend some more time on improving the platform and rebranding it. is now Toastmasters Club Software. The new name is a better representation of what the platform could be. And I will be allocating more time to its development. My vision is to have a platform that makes managing the progress of clubs an easy and enjoyable experience.

As it is now, the platform is the Minimum Viable Product as of today, December 1st, 2016. Based on feedback within the next couple of months, I will decide what new features and options to prioritize and work on.

I am open to receiving feedback and suggestions for improvement are expected and always welcome.

Go ahead and send me an email to tell me how the platform is helping you manage your Toastmasters club:

Why is Not Free For Toastmasters Clubs? — December 20, 2014

Why is Not Free For Toastmasters Clubs?

When I started developing it was not my intention to make a product out of it. I was a weekend project to scratch my own itch and as I spent time working on it, it revealed to could have been more useful than I initially planned. not-free-01

If I had stopped on the features for members only (primarily keeping the progress towards the DTM), there was no way I could have possibly justified charging for usage. But when I started adding all the features that make it very useful for club operations and management, it felt right to set a minimal fee for usage.

Here are 3 reasons why there is a monthly fee:

  • Greater Perceived Value

Free is so ubiquitous almost in every industry that in most cases, the perceived value of free is very low. $3 per month is low enough to be a affordable for any club. From my experience, most online services that are free sell advertising. I have a few other online services I created and they are 100% free, but supported by advertising.

To be honest, unless you have a significant traffic (a few thousands a day), you will not be able to cover your costs of keeping a free service online. And the more traffic your service gets, the higher it costs to maintain the service.

  • Development & Maintenance Costs

I spend on average 4 hours per week working on At the rate of $65 per hour, that is about $260 per week in spending for development. Hosting costs are currently less than $10 per month. It would be great when I am able to generate revenue from the application to cover those expenses.

It only makes sense to generate revenue from a good product you offer to the marketplace. I am building a great product. 😀 At $3 per club monthly, when there are 200 paying clubs in a couple of years, the monthly revenue will be around $1,300.00 ($1,500.00 – $200.00). $200 is the cost of credit card payment processing fees. I used the service to get the estimate.

  • Quality Customer Service & Job Creation

True, there are lots of free products that provide legendary customer service. But for a side project that I am turning into a business, in order to provide customer service of a very good quality, there needs to be a reward. Ultimately I want to be able to create jobs through my entrepreneurial ventures.

Last time I checked, there is no sustainable business model with employees that does not generate a revenue. You could mention a lot of start-ups that don’t have a revenue, but they are backed by investors who will at some point in time ask for revenues to get their moneys back. Like I read in the book Rework by Jason Fried of Barcamp (formerly 37 Signals), a start-up that does not start with a good product that generates revenue is a gamble (paraphrased).

Toastmasters International is a not-for-profit organization, and they do not endorse or support any product that is not free for membership, even if the product is very useful and helpful. It is my hope that in the future there will be a marketplace accessible through the Toastmasters International website where people like me display services like

But that a conversation for a different day.

Toastmasters Club Management Softwares — September 17, 2014

Toastmasters Club Management Softwares

After completing the development of – Personal Log For Serious Toastmasters, I decided to contact Toastmasters International and have them list the software on their Software page which is available here: I received a reply in which one of the club-management-software-page in charge informed me that they will not accept any new entry for that page, because the Toastmasters International website is being redesigned and that is not a feature that will be kept.

Even though the page above might be available on the Internet’s archive machine at, it is important that we have an alternate reference for that page. Below is the list of softwares as it appeared on the Toastmasters International software page as of September 17, 2014:

  • Build a Website

Interested in building a website for your club? This free site provides the tools you need to get the job done with a minimum of hassle or technical know-how.

  1. FreeToastHost 2.0
  2. WordPress and Joomla Templates
  • Manage your club
  1. Agenda Builder
    With a few clicks, you can assign all your club’s meeting roles weeks in advance.
  2. Club Magic for Toastmasters
    This website offers both free use of meeting agenda scheduling and the ability to sign up for a complete club management system that includes storage of club information, communication and leadership records and many other meeting and club management features.
  3. easy-Speak
    This software allows clubs to automate their meeting planning and to track member progress. It also works with the club’s website to deliver data management for the club.
  4. Scheduled Speaker
    Helps you schedule speakers for meetings and speaking events.
  5. TurboBase
    An easy-to-use Web-based service to help you manage your club.

Do you have any other software to add to the list? If not, have you tried any of the above, and which one would you recommend?