After about a year of no change or updates to, and based on the interest and good feedback I received when the app was first developed in 2013, I decided to spend some more time on improving the platform and rebranding it. is now Toastmasters Club Software. The new name is a better representation of what the platform could be. And I will be allocating more time to its development. My vision is to have a platform that makes managing the progress of clubs an easy and enjoyable experience.

As it is now, the platform is the Minimum Viable Product as of today, December 1st, 2016. Based on feedback within the next couple of months, I will decide what new features and options to prioritize and work on.

I am open to receiving feedback and suggestions for improvement are expected and always welcome.

Go ahead and send me an email to tell me how the platform is helping you manage your Toastmasters club: