You are probably familiar with the saying: “What get measured gets managed.” Today I took a look at the log file for and was happy with the progress that is being made. A search for “Toastmasters club management” on Google returns the introductory video hosted on YouTube as the third organic result. That is encouraging.

Similarly, the traffic has been steadily increasing since September 2014 when the application went live. Included here is a chart with the growth in unique visitors. mytlog-2014-visitors-unique

The platform will really take off when signed up users start importing the list of their club members. That will show that they are making a commitment to going all out with I thought about creating a Tour of the application to guide users when they first log in. Maybe that will encourage users to make that investment of time.

Here are some other interesting statistics about the traffic in 2014:

  • More than 90% of the entire traffic is from North America.
  • 93% of all website users use Google Chrome as their browser.
  • 90% of the website visitors got to the website through a direct link.

The above data is encouraging and I will continue to spend time as often as possible developing this platform. My own Toastmasters Club All Nations Toastmasters Club is making use of it and it feel good to be able to successfully scratch our own itch.

You can signup here: